Tile Flooring

Tile & Stone for Your Home:

Tile is the perfect application for nearly every room. Tile can make a once dimly lit room seem open and airy. Stone can make a bland kitchen pop with a rustic backsplash.  

At Niemann’s American Flooring, we proudly carry Shaw Tile & Stone products and can assist you in any home or business transformation you may want to make. Tile & Stone manufacturing has had a renaissance over the last 10 years and there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Normally, when considering a tile makeover, your immediate thought goes to ceramic tile. With our ability to house many tile and stone selections in-house, as well as special order with rapid delivery, the sky is the limit when it comes to your tile and design choices.

Click the logos below to be taken to tile visualizers and room scenes.

Instant Transformation

A Tile and Stone makeover in your home or business can instantly transform a space to be brighter, more sophisticated, and more open.

How to Install Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile & Stone are great DIY home projects. While we do provide expert installation and truly love to serve our community, we know that sometimes doing something yourself makes the end result that much better. In the video above, Shaw Tile Installation experts walk you through the proper way to install ceramic tile.

A Ceramic Game-changer

This certainly isn’t the ceramic tile of our youth. Shaw Flooring has gone to great lengths to up their tile game. Visit our showrooms in Marion and Murphysboro to see all of the amazing colors, textures, and widths that are available to you.