DIY Carpet Installation

Imagine being able to purchase your carpeting and install it in the same day! That’s what Floorigami can do for you! 

We love Floorigami for any room, but especially in rooms where you may not be 100% confident in installing high-end carpeting. Floorigami doesn’t come in one long roll, it’s individual carpeting squares. If a square or two are affected, you don’t have to replace the whole carpet. Simply pull up the adhesive carpet squares and lay replacements down in seconds.

Price Match Guarantee

Floorigami, as with all products we sell, comes with a price match guarantee. Since we are Southern Illinois’ only authorized Shaw dealer, we can offer Shaw financing specials as well. Call today to learn more about our latest financing options and our price match guarantee.

  • Transform Any Room in Seconds!

    Durable, cost-effective, and extremely easy to install. These are the things we love about Floorigami. Niemann’s American Flooring has been in the flooring business for more than 30 years. We know the investment that comes with flooring and for our clients with kids and pets looking to upgrade a room at a low cost – Floorigami is certainly something to consider.

  • Is Floorigami Easy To Clean? You Tell Us!

    While one of the inherent benefits of flooring tiles VS a large roll of carpet used for traditional carpet, is the ability to remove and replace your Floorigami carpet square in the event of damage. What a lot of people think of is the fact that, yes, it is EASY to replace soiled tiles. It is, however, a testament to Shaw for making Floorigami so durable. Floorigami is actually easy to clean as well. Check out the video above and see for yourself!