Flooring Specials in Southern Illinois

Niemann’s American Flooring carries more American made products than any of our competitors in Southern Illinois. Over 90% of our products are American Made. Now, as businesses open back up, and the emphasis is put on buying and sourcing quality American products, Niemann’s American Flooring has been at the forefront for over 20 years.

Carpeting Specials:

Sparta Bayside Midnight Star

  • 8’-6” Wide – Perfect For boats

Shaw All about it Color Biscotti & Sugar Cookie

  • Was: $2.75sqft

Shaw Go after It Dockside & Spinning Wheel:

  • Was: $2.43sqft

Shaw Break Away: Desert

  • Was: $1.50sqft

Shaw Expect More: Hearth

  • Was: $1.28sqft

Dreamweaver: Cape Cod

  • Was: $2.48sqft


  • MSRP: 3.99sqft
  • Soft Back
  • Lifetime Install Warranty
  • Lifetime Stain Warranty
  • Lifetime Texture Retention

Hardwood & Vinyl Plank

Shaw Prime Plank: Mellow Oak

  • Was: $2.18sqft

Shaw: In the Grain: Flaxseed

  • Was: $3.07sqft

Shaw Impact Color: Whispering Woods

  • Was: $2.79sqft

Shaw Impact Color: Burmese Teak

  • Was: $2.79sqft

Shaw Impact Color: Modeled Oak

  • Was: $2.79sqft

Shaw Anvil Plus: Chatter oak

  • Was: $3.38sqft

Shaw Endura: Almond Oak

  • Was: $3.38sqft

Shaw Endura: Oyster Oak

  • Was: $3.38sqft

Shaw Adventure HD: Sable

  • Was: $4.18sqft
  • Price Available While Currently Stocked.

Shaw Adventure HD: Bamboo

  • Was: $4.18sqft
  • Price Available While Currently Stocked.

Coretec: Galveston Oak

  • Was: $3.68sqft

Mannington Adura MaxApex Variable Width: Hudson Brownstone

  • Was: $6.98sqft
  • Price Available While Currently In Stock