American Made & Manufactured:

While buying and selling American made and manufactured products is a simple credo that we follow, and believe all local businesses should follow – there is a stark difference in American Flooring Manufacturing that sets American Made and American Manufactured flooring apart. 

Shaw VersaLock AG and LocNPlace Technology:

The patented locking technology of American made and manufactured flooring is far superior than any other locking mechanism on the market. 

Shaw’s VersaLock AG and LocNPlace technology allow for your laminate flooring to attach seamlessly on all sides. This technology completely removes the need for glue to secure your new floor to the subfloor.

Laminate Flooring On Uneven Surfaces:

The Patented American Locking Mechanism on American Made and Manufactured floors even works on uneven or sloped floors. 

Now, in the most desirable of scenarios, you will be installing your laminate flooring on a completely even and clean surface. One major benefit of VersaLock AG and LocNPlace to residents and rental companies in Southern Illinois that this locking mechanism can be installed on floors that aren’t completely level. 

For a few cents more per square foot, you can ensure the longevity of your floor without gaping or spacing issues. This marginal difference in price will provide a floor that is locked in place, with moisture protection. 

As with any flooring installation project, our flooring installers will consult with you on the best practices and best possible scenarios regarding slanted or uneven flooring surfaces. 

Shaw GREENGUARD Certification:


Another major benefit of buying Shaw products aside from their locking mechanisms is their focus on meeting strict chemical emissions limits, including formaldehyde. That’s right, there are indoor laminate flooring options at big box stores that contain formaldehyde.

Our Commitment To You: 

At Niemann’s American Flooring, we have a steadfast commitment to providing affordable, safe, and highly durable products to our clients in Southern Illinois. To learn more about the American Locking Mechanisms, or Greenguard Certifications, feel free to contact us or stop by either of our locations.